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Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire, England, is a large and diverse aquatic attraction known for its collection of marine and freshwater species. It features a range of exhibits designed to simulate different aquatic environments from around the world. The highlight of Blue Planet Aquarium is its vast underwater tunnel, one of the largest in Europe, which allows visitors to walk through and experience the feeling of being surrounded by marine life, including a variety of sharks.

Visitors can explore different themed zones, such as the Tropical River exhibit which showcases species from the Amazon, and the Coral Cave, which displays a vibrant collection of coral and reef fish. There's also a section dedicated to native British marine life, offering an insight into the aquatic species found in local waters.

In addition to the displays of fish and marine creatures, the aquarium offers interactive experiences like diving with sharks and educational talks to raise awareness about marine conservation. The facility is designed not just for entertainment but also for educational purposes, aiming to inspire a deeper understanding and respect for marine life and ecosystems.

Blue Planet Aquarium is popular among families and school groups, providing an immersive experience that combines learning with the excitement of seeing and, in some cases, interacting with marine life up close.